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Too Intelligent to Keep Captive



The Unusual Catch

http://www.animaltalk.us/caught-1-1-2-miles-offshore-while-fishing/att0000112 Imageatt0000445

Awkward Moments

As much as we try to show the camera our most flattering side, we all have had embarrassing photos taken. Even animals fall prey to the awkward camera encounter. Below are 10 animals who wish the photographer had forgotten to put a memory card in the camera that day:

The goat who hitched a ride into town when he ran out of gas.. so embarrassing!


The dog that peed the bed from night-terrors. Image

The dog that played “fluffy bunny” with tennis balls and couldn’t get them out of his mouth.Image

The snail, whose sub-prime mortgage rate forced him into bankruptcy. Image

The dog that spent all day trying to catch the frisbee, then realized it was much bigger and scarier up-close.


The bird that spent all day admiring his soulmate, only to have her drive away and never come back.


The cat who suddenly realized he was afraid of heights and couldn’t get down.


The dog who had some bad wig advice. Real friends don’t let friends walk around with a bad coif.


The day this cat called weight-watchers after ripping out of his favorite box.


..Who became point-counting besties with this hamster, who joined because he could no longer enjoy his favorite slide.


Man Vs. Tiger

Ever want to test your strength against one of natures greatest beasts? Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida is offering visitors the chance to play this playground favorite against a Bengal tiger.  


The 1.5 Million Dollar Dog


With  a mug like that, who couldn’t resist? I think most dog lovers must admit, this pooch is adorable, but 1.5 million dollars!?! I At that price I’ll stick to my rescue pups (which I love and are super cute and cuddly.) Apparently, my opinion is not the norm when it comes to the Chinese Elite, who can’t get enough of this purebred who was once described as having “the size of a donkey and the voice of a lion.” At this price, one has to ask, what exactly do you get out of this dog that makes it worth more than an Aston Martin? Well, here is what I found:

1. They have sweet teeth… 


 …That resemble a vampire’s

2. He would be a strong contestant in a chewbacca look-alike contest..Image

3. Just might be the world’s best cuddler.. 


4. Check out that hair! 


5. Nobody is going to mess with you when you are walking this guy down a dark alley.. 


5. they are ENORMOUS.. 


Here is a brief overview of these cuddly giants:

Energy level – Low energy
Exercise needs – Low
Playfulness – Moderately playful
Affection level – Very affectionate
Friendliness toward other dogs – Friendly
Friendliness toward other pets – Friendly
Friendliness toward strangers – Shy
Ease of training – Easy to train
Watchdog ability – High
Protection ability – Very protective
Grooming needs – Moderate maintenance
Cold tolerance – High tolerance
Heat tolerance – Low tolerance
Size – Height: 22-28 inches, up to the shoulder, Weight 75-170 pounds*

*The Infamous, 1.5 million dollar dog named “Big Splash” was sold to a Chinese business man. He was 11 months old, weighed 180 pounds and is still growing! Thats about 40 pounds more than what the average man in China weighs..

12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy For Your Pet

OK – I know that we all LOVE our pets, they brighten our day and make us smile, not to mention all the scientific proof on how they elevate our moods. I understand, my dog and cat are members of my family – my nonhuman children. Apparently, there are different levels of this great affection we share for the cutesy little creatures we harbor in our homes. The other day my friend invited me to her dog’s first birthday party. Not exactly my style, but I’m always a fan of a good party. This party was complete with decorations, a puppy bday hat, a cake for dogs, cupcakes, ice cream, cocktails and hors d oeuvres. Apparently, this is not that uncommon, in fact some of you reading this right now may be planning your own pet’s birthday party at the moment. This got me thinking: what else is out there.. well here you go: 12 outrageous things you didn’t know you could get for your pet.

1. A Goldfish Walker

Allergic to pet dander? Feeling a little left out among your group of friends because you can only house stationary pets like fish?  Well no more – with this goldfish walker, now you can join in on all the latest neighborhood gossip with your besties. Image

2. A Portrait of Your Pet as a 17th Century Nobility

Ever look at your dog, and wonder what he would look like as the prince of France? Or try to imagine what it would look like if your cat could tell the masses to eat cake? If only you could time travel with your dog, because you know he would make a handsome 17th century Duke.. No more wonder necessary. No longer do you have to invent a time machine and travel back a few centuries equipped with your camera, we’ve got your needs covered.


.. If its not nobility you ponder, maybe its your cat drunk at the dinner table? …


3. A Cat Toilet Seat

I’m not gonna lie, this one is kind of awesome in theory. No more litter boxes! and lets be honest here, who wasn’t envious of the great Jinx from ‘Meet the Parents?” Whether it works or not is in question, so if anyone knows please let me know! I just can’t help but imagine those late nights bathroom runs, you know, the ones where you don’t want to wake anyone and you stub your toe on every protruding surface along your path. In the dark my house suddenly becomes an obstacle course and by the time I have no time to even check if the seat is down, let alone set in cat-mode. I don’t know about you, but i’m seeing a bunch of pee all over my pajamas and a stubborn cat that starts using your laundry basket when you take away his litter box. Who knows though.


4. A Giant Tongue or Mustache

..because who doesn’t want to see their pet with protruding, human-shaped facial features?


5. A Dog Collar that Acts as a Cooling Device.

This might actually make sense, that is if a vet could confirm that a pets neck was the heat regulating center of the dog. Hot summer day, your dog lives outside, a cooling collar is a very nice gesture. Whats most notable  is the slogan: No more hot dog, chill out, bro here’s your cooling collar. The second dog certainly look much happier, and everyone loves to see a happy puppy. But isn’t this pretty much the same thing as giving your dog water and shade? or maybe take him inside on a hot day?


6. A Heating Sauna Station

Anyone who has ever owned a dog, knows they love to lay in the sunlight of a window. Whether its the chill of the winter winds, or the air conditioner blasting through your walls, our puppies love warmth. Maybe if they can’t find a window or nighttime, ok this makes a little sense. But its pretty unsightly. I love my dog but not enough to keep that thing hanging around my house (did i mention my nighttime obstacle course-toe stubbing issue?) It sort of looks like a giant waffle iron about to eat up your dog and turn him into a fun shaped breakfast platter. Maybe thats just me..


7. A Luxury Pet Bed

Sending your dog off to the future to be photographed as the Arc Duke of France in the 17th Century? or maybe she’s just going to sleep in this top-o-the line luxury doggy bed complete with temperature and humidity control, antibiotic air-filled environment, and carbon filter deodorizer.


8. A Doggy Hot Tub

I wonder if they’ve ever actually given a dog a bath before?


9. A Doggy Stroller

I can’t get my dogs to stop running around my house, but I guess when dogs are outside they like to sit still in this netted walking chamber.


10. A Bird Leash

…You’re dog may not want to walk, but your bird does.


11. A Bark/Meow Translator

This probably works.


12. A Dog Washing Chamber

…Because the laundry machine is inhumane.



Now you can can stalk the birds at your house while your are at the office.. I have to admit though, this one is kind of cool. Bird enthusiasts get a chance to witness birds in a natural state without the disturbance of human beings. I’m pretty sure birds don’t really notice me on my porch, but I understand the market niche. Having said that, who really wants to sit around watching birds sit on a nest or a bunch of eggs chilling? Its just not my thing..