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Petition to Stop Elephant Killings and Ivory Trade



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Elephant Plays With Smart Phone

Too Intelligent to Keep Captive


Kitteh Loves Turtle

Kitteh Loves Turtle

I love this photo, especially because my cat is always trying to eat my turtle.

The Unusual Catch Imageatt0000445

Awkward Moments

As much as we try to show the camera our most flattering side, we all have had embarrassing photos taken. Even animals fall prey to the awkward camera encounter. Below are 10 animals who wish the photographer had forgotten to put a memory card in the camera that day:

The goat who hitched a ride into town when he ran out of gas.. so embarrassing!


The dog that peed the bed from night-terrors. Image

The dog that played “fluffy bunny” with tennis balls and couldn’t get them out of his mouth.Image

The snail, whose sub-prime mortgage rate forced him into bankruptcy. Image

The dog that spent all day trying to catch the frisbee, then realized it was much bigger and scarier up-close.


The bird that spent all day admiring his soulmate, only to have her drive away and never come back.


The cat who suddenly realized he was afraid of heights and couldn’t get down.


The dog who had some bad wig advice. Real friends don’t let friends walk around with a bad coif.


The day this cat called weight-watchers after ripping out of his favorite box.


..Who became point-counting besties with this hamster, who joined because he could no longer enjoy his favorite slide.


Unlikely Pals: A Wild Polar Bear Meets Sled Dogs

There’s nothing I love more than a story of unlikely animal friends, but a polar bear and a sled dog!?! I’d have to see it to believe it..

With the ability to kill and eat species 4 times their size, a polar bear approaching your chained dogs would be terrifying! Below are the photos one man took of the encounter that happened in Canada’s Hudson Bay. The results might shock and warm your heart a little.


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