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Altruistic Behavior in Mice

Altruism? Mouse Attacks Snake to Save Friend

“At Hangzhou Zoo in Zhejiang province, eastern China, zookeepers witnessed an unusual sight after two live mice were placed in a snake’s enclosure for supper.”


Butterfly Caught on Google Street View

Butterfly Caught on Google Street View

Woolly Mammoth Flesh and Blood Discovered, Potential to Clone High





A researcher in Yakutsk on May 13 next to a carcass of a female mammoth found on an island in the Arctic Ocean. Russian scientists claimed Wednesday they have discovered blood in the carcass of a woolly mammoth, adding that the rare find could boost their chances of cloning the prehistoric animal.

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World’s Fastest Punch: The Mantis Shrimp

The most impressive physical feature of this colorful, violent crustacean:

In the eyes, in order to see color and light, there are rods and cones

human beings have 3: the rainbow that we see stems from just 3 color cones.

the mantis shrimp has 16!

imagine a rainbow that stems from 16 color cones! it would be the “thermonuclear bomb of rainbows”

Puppy Hour

Warning: cuteness levels VERY high

Snakes in a Toilet: 5 Animals Capable of Crawling Up Your Pipes and Into Your Toilet



Is that a snake in your toilet? or are you just happy to see me?


5 animals capable of making you pee your pants when they show up in your house:

1. Opossum


2. Lizards


3. Frogs


4. Rats


5. Snakes 


The How: 

Rats are the Navy Seals of the animal kingdom. They will fulfill their mission, come hell or high water. They usually get into a home through a break in the drain pipe under your yard or in the city’s sewer main. Snakes can do the same thing. Frogs, on the other hand, jump around haphazardly and might just hop into a rooftop vent pipe or climb around on the edge of a vent and fall into the hole. The main vent pipe (called the vent stack) is actually the upper portion of the main drain pipe (called the waste stack); from this pipe it’s usually a short trip to the nearest toilet.

When any animal other than a rat ends up in a toilet, it probably got there by accident via the vent stack. Again, rats usually enter by choice through the drain end, lured by the sweet siren scent of human sewage. Bugs in a toilet probably got there by crawling in from the bathroom.


In Case This Happens to You:

If you’ve had only one animal invade your house through the vent stack, it’s best to do nothing and hope it doesn’t happen again, because it probably won’t and because covering the vent can lead to bigger problems. However, if animal visits are recurring, you can cover the top of the vent pipe with something like chicken wire, just to keep critters from falling in. You want a material with fine wires and fairly large holes; don’t use screen or even fine hardware cloth, which can become clogged with dirt or snow and block off the vent; very bad. Whatever cover you try, make sure to check it periodically to confirm the vent is “breathing” as normal.

To stop rats and snakes from entering through the sewer system, find out where your house’s main drain runs along your property, and look for burrows in the area; these could link up to holes in the drain pipe. You can also have a plumber scope the drain with a video camera and/or ask the city to scope their line to look for possible entry points.

It Wasn’t Me..